Фошань Лвтрон Моторизованный Занавес Лтд

Foshan Lvtron Motorized Curtain Co., ООО. founded in September 2013, is the one and only technology-based manufacturer specialized in R&D, дизайн, производство, установка и послепродажное обслуживание моторизованного моторизованного двигателя штор и рельсовой системы.

We have obvious technical advantages and product advantages. The world’s firsttimely drive technologycompletely solved the three major problems of the hotel’s motorized curtains: “1. Broken window screening and curtain by customer dragging during automatic running; 2. Frequent rupture of drive belt inside the track. 3. Высокая частота отказов мотора и проблема безопасности детей.

At the same time, we are the only manufacturer who gives 5-year warranty in both motor and track of Chinese industry, and advocate track “5 лет гарантии & zero maintenance”.

At present, we have cooperated with hotels under the major hotel groups in China. We are the only designated supplier of Orange Hotel Group and a strategic partner of Huazhu Hotel GroupOne of the three major hotel groups in China. By the end of 2018, Lvtron has completed more than 600 hotel motorized curtain system project at home and abroad. Lvtron adhering to thefocus, professional, expertconcept, to bring customers more cost-effective products and services

Our Factory

Our factory was founded in 2013 and has been focusing on the improvement of the quality and performance of electric curtain systems.

We has an independent technical research and development department, responsible for independent research and development, respectively set up the motor workshop, track workshop, and metal accessory workshop. We meet the 5S management requirements and have a quality management process that operates in a standardized manner


The visionaries

Our Product

We focus on motorized curtain system and other intelligent window product

Product Application

Motorized curtain, blinds, motor and track

+86 13925927792 atness@lvtron.sinanet.com
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